Football is important. As a game, yes. But more so in its role in society. Football is a part of so much of people’s lives. Football creates impact, for the better. It represents positivity, when there’s so much negativity. It disrupts, when change is needed. It evokes and prompts emotions like nothing else. Its creativity is why it’s rightly known as The Beautiful Game.

England’s National Football Museum exists to house and harness the power of football, to share stories that influence, to showcase culture and involve and motivate people to creatively partake. It is the place to experience football in all its glory. So it deserves a brand that reflects this.

The new branding encompasses a redesigned logo, updated typography, colour palettes, a distinct tone of voice and new photography. These elements are now prominently featured across all of the museum’s literature, website and building signage.

Janine Ross, Marketing and Communications Director at the National Football Museum, said: “Our collaboration with Poke Marketing has allowed us to reenvisage how we present the story of football to the public. The museum not only honours the sport’s rich heritage, but also invites everyone to appreciate the diverse ways football influences our culture and history.

“This rebrand helps us to engage with a broader audience and reaffirm football’s place at the heart of British life. We are very grateful to Poke for bringing our vision to life.”