Liverpool Cathedral required a rebrand that would represent the sheer depth of offerings and experiences people get from the cathedral – faith, arts, culture and events.

The Cathedral showcases Liverpool’s warmth, hospitality, culture, heritage and welcoming nature, and this new brand needed to emphasise the special experience that the Cathedral offers to its people.

We created the brand theme ‘Look up’, encouraging exploration. ‘Look up’ encourages people to not only explore the building, but themselves too. Audiences can look up to the building, to God, to life, to fun, to enjoyment, to pondering, to remembering, and to be wowed. From this strategic direction, we created a stunning, innovative brand identity that is inspired by the building.

Liverpool Cathedral is one of the most iconic buildings in the world, not only for its scale but for its unique shape and double transept design. It inspires, it delights, it evokes emotion, it creates pride.

We developed their positioning, tone of voice, look and feel, identity, branding. Plus a new website along with rolling out the brand across their physical and digital assets.