January roundup

What I’ve Learnt: Andrew Binns

Our Managing Director, Andrew Binns recently shared the lessons he has learnt throughout his career in Marketing. From his luckiest break to his best failure. Find out what he has to say, here.

WoW’s Annual Creative Planning Meeting

We attended WoW’s Annual Creative Planning Meeting for WoWFEST 23. This was a brilliant opportunity to connect with their local community and hear from writers, partners, audiences, funders, and also have the chance to share some of our own ideas, for the annual festival returning in May. 

Communiqué Awards

After previous campaigns generated a record number of entries, the pressure is on this year for the team to build on this success, and attract the best entrants from across the healthcare sector as the Communiqué Awards celebrate their 25th year.

You can see the 2021 and 2022 awards campaigns here.

Nicola Docking talks to University of Liverpool

Our Head of Strategy Nicola Docking, was asked to be on the panel for an online event organised by the University of Liverpool Management School for their recent graduates called ‘Getting Ahead in Marketing’.

Nicola covered topics such as experience of working for an agency vs in-house and the key differences and pros and cons of each; What an average working day looks like; what skills recent graduates starting out in marketing need to develop and how relevant her degree has been to her marketing career.

It was great to get the opportunity to speak to such a great bunch of graduates who had lots of great questions and many of which are already gathering experience and applying for marketing roles.

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