February roundup

Luban tour

Our Head of Strategy, Nicola was invited by Professional Liverpool for a very special meal at Luban where 10 lucky PL members were given a guided tour to see the restaurant’s range of private dining options.

It was a fantastic experience – we look forward to many future client meetings at this great venue sampling their delicious food and fantastic range of private dining experiences.

Poke Strategy Day 

The Poke senior leadership team took a day out of the office to plan all things Poke for the rest of 2023. There are lots of exciting changes taking place over the next few months which we look forward to sharing with you all soon. 

Brand course 

Our Creative Director, Mark and Head of Startegy Nicola are taking part in the Future London Academy ‘Branding Now’ course to strengthen the Poke creative process and structure. We are always keen to keep learning and this course is one of the most robust in terms of brand strategy implementation. We look forward to putting into practice with our clients. 

WoWFest branding session

Mark ran a creative workshop with the WoW team to collate their initial thoughts on this year’s WoWFest branding. This was a fantastic session and we received some great insights from their team who put together thought provoking mood boards that provided us with the perfect directions to take this year’s branding.

Lunch with PL at Luban 

To celebrate a fantastic year of working together, we took the Professional Liverpool team out for lunch at Luban. We treated them to a seven-course masterclass in fine dining at the chef’s table. Here’s to another year of great work with this brilliant team. 

What To Do photo shoot

What To Do is an incredible digital platform where people with support needs can get involved with exciting and accessible activities alongside a community with common interests and goals.

Recently, Mark directed their fantastic photo shoot. It was a fun and memorable experience for all, with dancing, singing, modeling, and acting – all participants spent the day with huge smiles on their faces.

We’re looking forward to seeing the final images and video footage.

New client – Zeus Tech Solutions

We have recently started working with new client – Zeus Tech Solutions.

We’re working closely with their team to create assets and marketing activity that represents the valuable work that they do and resonates with their target audience. Month 1 has already yielded some impressive results so we are excited to see the Poke and Zeus relationship continue to flourish.

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