Poke to rebrand Liverpool Cathedral

Read the latest press coverage of our exciting announcement that Poke has been chosen as the agency to rebrand Liverpool Cathedral:

Liverpool Cathedral, Britain’s biggest religious building and the eighth largest church in the world, has enlisted creative agency Poke to deliver its rebrand.

The Poke team, which was established back in 2020, pitched against 18 other leading agencies from around the UK to win the tender, which will help tell the story of the cathedral and its diverse offering. One of Poke’s key tasks was to ‘help to bring digital technology’ into the 98-year-old venue’s thinking.

The historical landmark welcomes more than 800,000 visitors each year, drawn from local people, UK visitors, and a significant percentage of international visitors. The cathedral is not only a place of worship, but it has also built a reputation for its varied arts and events programme, featuring live music sets to large gala dinners and conferences.

Strategy lead, Nicola Docking said: “We can’t wait to tell the story behind the brand of such an iconic building. For us, it’s about clearly navigating visitors through the world-class cathedral and encouraging exploration.

“We believe that the space should be all about people because there is that sense of belonging. The sense of pride, the sense of embracing people, the sense of representing this wonderful city is articulated incredibly in the way people talk about Liverpool Cathedral. It’s such a stunning representation of the eclectic, diverse, welcoming and innovative ethos that runs through this city.

“Now is the perfect time to develop a brand. It is so important to build an identity and proposition that resonates with multiple audiences and represents and voices what it is all about.”

Liverpool Cathedral, which employs 67 full time staff and around 180 volunteers, remains committed to keeping entry free to all, despite receiving no government funding or subsidy.

As part of its offering, it gives visitors the opportunity to travel to the top of the tower on the ‘Tower Experience,’ allowing them to enjoy unrivalled panoramic views from 500ft above sea level. It also has a choice of two dining venues in the form of The Mezzanine Cafe and the Welsford.

Rev Canon Stuart Haynes, assistant diocesan secretary and director of communications, said: “It’s key that Liverpool Cathedral not only stands shoulder-to-shoulder with other leading venues, but also stands out and communicates its offer clearly. Our ambition is as strong as our team, and it is key that our brand is now developed to better align with the values and aspirations at the heart of the venue.”

Poke plans to facilitate a number of workshops with key stakeholders from Liverpool Cathedral’s in-house team and external stakeholders, allowing them to identify the business’ key segments and create an adoption ladder that defines the user journey across the decision-making lifecycle.

“These segments will be plotted across a journey from unaware to curious,”, said Docking. “From motivated to engaged, and then to advocate; allowing contextual messaging and channels to be defined.”

Despite being just two-years-young, Poke already includes the likes of Growth Platform, Liverpool City Council, Writing on the Wall and the LCR Combined Authority on its client list.