A letter to Liverpool’s hospitality industry

“The hospitality sector in Liverpool is struggling. Badly. Lets not allow the incredible news about Eurovision paper over this fact. Monday to Thursdays hotel room bookings are as low as they’ve been for a long long time; lower than many of our competitor cities around the UK. Bars and restaurants are struggling during the week; often making the tough decision to not open during quiet periods.

But why? Why is such an important word and here at Poke its a word we love. It allows us to question, to challenge and importantly, come up with answers.

Key to understanding why Liverpool is facing this issue is achieving insights into the diverse and multiple audience types this city needs to attract. Segmentation is not a marketing buzzword; it’s the cornerstone to any strategic planning. And we don’t see much of it in Liverpool. So we have done it. We are releasing our Insights into Audience Engagement report. And we’re giving it to our lovely hotels, our fantastic bars and our award winning restaurants. For free. Because we all need our hospitality sector to thrive, right?”