Since we began we have achieved so much.

We are now 6 months into our journey as Poke Marketing. When we set up Poke we wanted to create something that made us proud but also made our clients proud to work with us. We’re so thrilled with how things are working out.

People have embraced our desire to go beyond the aesthetics and fluff that marketing has sadly become known for. We pitch ourselves as a company that uses true strategic thinking to develop commercially transformative campaigns, motivating and activating people’s behaviours and mindsets. Hence the name Poke.

Our work for Communique (increasing award submissions significantly, Liiift (successfully launching a new brand into a busy market place) and Writing on the Wall (generating record breaking ticket sales) is proof that a talented group of people can deliver real world results. And what a team we have here; from Joe and Mark delivering stunning creative to Nic, Mollyann and Paul using search and social to drive relevant traffic to Faye and Andrea providing operational excellence.

Since we began we have achieved so much:

8 brand campaigns; 2 naming workshops; 
6 websites; 4 photo shoots; 35 videos; 12 animations; shortlisted for 2 awards; been judges and mentors; 
7 new client wins; 4 ad campaigns; launched a festival; recruited 6 people, eaten 37 pizzas and drunk 28 bottles of champagne.

A great start. More to come. Much much more…