Oxford River Cruises is a unique business that offers a mix of cruises, sightseeing tours and private boat hire on the River Thames.

Whilst there are lots of bookings during the tourist season, bookings are lighter through the off season.

Both Oxford River Cruises and their sister restaurant, The Folly, had recently elevated and diversified their offering to appeal to a wider market, including corporate, London based businesses, and people looking for something a bit different.

Oxford River Cruises needed a brand and a website that reflected their elevated offering and drove bookings from a wider audience base whilst maintaining their core customer base.

We implemented a full rebrand to reflect Oxford River Cruises’ unique experience – focused on the theme of ‘time to drift away’, which allows visitors to ‘see life through a pleasurable lens’. The new website created a richer experience for audiences that guided them to the right experience for them. In the 3 months since the rebrand and new website launched, we increased ecommerce conversion rate by 49.89%, increased transactions by 9.07% and increased revenue by 16.98%.