Liverpool: our creative home

Being based in the centre of such a creative city, we are surrounded by creative minds that express themselves through both design and artwork. From some of the most outstanding pieces of graffiti to amazing brand work.

When deciding where to set up our creative marketing agency there was no question that it would be in Liverpool. A city that is often overlooked in terms of creativity, with Manchester and London still seen as the place to be for art and creativity. However, that is so untrue and perception is starting to change.

“As a creative working in Liverpool, you are surrounded by an ever-evolving culture of creativity that inspires everything you do – from street art, music and festivals to the people, design, and place – you feel a real part of the city’s creative story.”

— Mark Harrington, Creative Director.

This is something that is embedded within our team. We absorb everything around us and take inspiration from some of the incredible work across the city – using it to create work we are truly proud of and passionate about. 

Recently, I took a trip around Liverpool to see some of the brand work that stood out to me…

The ‘Liverpool’ Sign

From a blank canvas to a fantastic symbol for life in the city, created by the insanely talented Neil Keating.

The sign, located in the heart of Liverpool is a true celebration of our iconic city and its continuous growing popularity. Whilst also proving the perfect ‘Instagram selfie’ spot for friends and families.

This piece allows passing visitors the ability to look over (and climb on) the cities most popular landmarks and revisit some of its history, all in one place. The design is bright, exciting and accessible for all ages. What more could you ask for than to see such a creative representation of the city, in the centre of it. 

The Baby Mural

When walking down Harrington Street, you can’t help being drawn to this piece, created by artist, Paul Curtis.

This impressive street art, created in May 2021 is possibly one of (if not) the biggest paintings in Liverpool, representing the re-birth of our city after the effects Coronavirus had on Liverpool’s city life.

By creating something this unique and eye-catching, it really does stay on your mind.

The Bluecoat, Inflatable art sculptures

The Bluecoat is a home for artists to express their creativity and their recent installation ‘OK! Cherub!’ by Bruce Asbestos is just fantastic!

This piece is a representation of mental health, reminding people to smile and find the positives. The use of neon colours catches your eye from the other side of the street and creates such a happy and warm atmosphere for anyone passing by.

How can you not smile when walking through giant eyeballs and huge smiley faces? Seeing the joy on children’s faces when they see this art piece also gives me the feeling of childish excitement.

Everyman Cinema

A cinema created to make you feel like a Hollywood Superstar.

I think the Everyman theatre in the Metquarter does it better than any other. From entering, you are instantly transported into the 30s, being greeted with the image of paparazzi and bright lights. Once you are seated, you are given the VIP treatment once again, with waiters bringing all of your delicious food and drink right to you, so you can sit back on the comfy sofa and enjoy.

Their branding stood out to me as unique, giving you the old-fashioned cinema experience from start to finish. It is a great example of a fantastic brand.

‘Cheers Big Ears’ bar

Cheers Big Ears is a quiet and relaxing sports bar for customers during the week and uncovers its quirkiness on the weekends.

The branding of Cheers is unlike any other on Concert Square (or perhaps the whole of Liverpool). Its creativity really drives you in.

The artwork is an extremely beautiful piece that is captivating for passers-by. It is very welcoming and establishes what type of brand Cheers are before they even have to say it. Their use of colour pallet is fantastic and draws your eyes in to want to see more. 

Bunch wine bar

Bunch is a low key chilled out wine bar, positioned on Berry St, amongst newsagents and takeaways – blink and you’d miss it. For those in the know, it’s a place that sells organic and vegan wines with small plates and craft beers from local breweries.

They have used a very simplistic, hand-drawn illustration of three bears, which feels representative of a place where people can come together. Regardless of whether you like a Malbec, Grenache or Pinot Noir – there’s something for everyone that’s ‘just right’.

The warm and subtle colour palette gives a sense of comfort and authenticity to the brand. It reminds you not all designs need to be complex or new an intense colour pallet to be captivating. Sometimes, simple can be just as powerful. 

The Bagelry

The Bagelry founded in 2015 makes, bakes and sells some of the best bagels in the city. They also supply local cafes and bistros. They have created a series of unique illustrations that just boast personality and character. Every time I look, I notice something different.

Reminiscent of 50s American food character designs and hand drawn ‘marker’ style copy, The Bagelry have created mini scenarios for theses characters that are as delightful as their bagels.

These are just a sample of some of the amazing work around the city. We know how lucky we are as a creative agency to be based around such incredible work. In this generation, creativity is only getting stronger and we’ve been able to soak it up over recent years. It is exciting and motivating to be a part of.