Poke Marketing takes on a digital marketing apprentice

Mollyann Kyte

Back in March, Poke Marketing partnered with the Juice Academy as part of their Apprentify scheme to employ an apprentice. The scheme provides apprentices with on the job training as well as comprehensive course based support focussed on all aspects of digital marketing.

After interviewing a number of potential candidates Poke Marketing selected Mollyann, who has taken on the role of Junior Content Producer. With the support of the scheme, Mollyann is learning new skills week on week and has been a fantastic addition to the team.

Here’s what Molly has to say about her first 4 months at Poke:

“When in college, I knew I wanted to go into writing or social media. Digital marketing was the perfect opportunity for me. After being pushed more towards university. I was recommended to do my research into apprenticeships. I had no idea what I was missing.

I couldn’t have predicted what I have learnt and accomplished, with such an incredible team, in just 4 months.

My job is not focused on one specific area. This gives me many opportunities to work alongside people of different expertise to develop different skills and techniques. My approach to work has changed dramatically. Having lessons in design, SEO, photography and editing gives me the opportunity to express my creativity and learn new skills with each of the team. Each person specialises in different fields of work. We create content together and pitch ideas to one another.

Developing my writing skills was my main ambition. I’d say, I’ve already made progress. It’s a job unlike any other I’ve had.

I’m proud to say I work at Poke Marketing.

I encourage people to look into apprenticeships. Please look with an open mind. Don’t be set on university just because it’s what’s encouraged. The perfect apprenticeship for you could be out there. Especially if it’s related to digital marketing. Trust me.”

To find out more about The Juice Academy and the great opportunities they have to offer, please visit The Juice Academy.