1 year of poke marketing

This time last year we had a vision. We wanted to create an agency that delivered impactful, business transforming work. All done with clients who valued true marketing.

To achieve this we needed people who believed in us. Talented staff who wanted to be a part of the journey. And of course, clients who trusted us.

In our staff, we have found colleagues who excelled. Colleagues who amazed. And colleagues who are friends. In our clients, we’ve had the opportunity to work with talented people. People who believe in us so much, they trusted us with their businesses. We have also had incredible guidance and encouragement to go beyond what other agencies offer.

This has allowed us to deliver strategic, lead generating, brand shifting work. Work that has led to incredible contracts. To creating 38 adverts and 7 impactful videos. To winning 13 new clients and 5 awards. Also gaining 257 lead generations from SEO.

So thank you to our fantastic clients. As we grow and develop we will always appreciate the loyalty and trust you have all shown us. And we promise to keep delivering great work for you.

And thank you to the team who have trusted us with their careers and livelihoods. We will always strive to keep the creative, collaborative and fun environment we all thrive in. We have achieved so much as a team through the hard work and dedication put into Poke. Reaching the goals we wanted to reach this year and more. And we are looking forward to seeing what we will achieve a year from now.